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Posted By Mark Lewis
Ace Stream – the best way to watch sports online

Innovative media platform for new generations, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet. The only Live Stream service or standard CDN operator that can provide live broadcast with high quality, for the same number of viewers, that can be provided by the average Ace Stream user from his personal computer using home Internet. Ace Stream users function as both a server and a client. When client stream a video feed using Ace Stream, they are simultaneously downloading from peers and uploading the same video to other peers.

Ace Stream users watch online video with audio-visual quality level much more greater than quality of video on YouTube (provided in 1080p format) and much more better than broadcasts or shows of all other existing services of VoD and Live Stream provided by OTT (Over The Top) service operators, which do not use P2P technology.

Please note that there is no more need to pre-download huge files to watch Full HD video or to listen to audio in Lossless formats. Now,  you can enjoy online playback of content with the best audio and visual quality in all the most popular and common formats.

With new and innovative function «Live Stream» you can perform high quality live broadcasts on the Internet in Full HD without need to maintain park of servers or involve expensive operators of standard CDN. Our users are not tied to one player and they have flexibility to use any player and media center with Ace Stream technology for playing. Technology support is via through Ace Stream API and can be implemented directly in player, media center or via different additional products such as via plug-ins or extensions for players and media centers.

How to install over the old version

  • download package for your OS
  • unzip
  • copy appropriate files from temporary folder to root folders.

How to launch without deleting an old version

  • download archive for your OS
  • unpack archive in any folder
  • launch acestreamengine file in the unpacked folder with a parameter --lib-path /path/to/acestream_libraries.