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Watch sports streams legally for free 2018

Most payed cable and DTV services offer some type of live streaming services inside their package. But these are payed and often don't provide good enough alternative for every user. Some sites like Youtube and Facebook offer free sports live streams and they are actually the best way to watch sports if available. These is the list of pages/services where you can watch sports without breaking a bank.  

1. Youtube Live

  • Website: Youtube
  • Sports covered: football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, cricket, golf, tennis
  • Good quality and stable streams are what describes Youtube video service
Youtube is best known for user created content, but over the years it evolved to much more. It's Live section has got 8.8 million subscribes, and it got everything from live radios, gaming streams and what's more important free live sports. Youtube Live sports streams are high quality, stable and available on mobile devices via great mobile apps. Sport range from golf, cricket, volleyball and soccer matches to more peculiar like wrestling, pro-kabaddi and frisbee league. Even if the live streams are not available, you can often watch official match highlights and reviews provided by official league pages.


2. ESPN live streaming

  • Website: ESPN
  • Sports covered: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, college sports, hockey, golf, tennis
  • Majority of sports are free, but some require login for satellite subscription
ESPN is one of the best sports TV houses and you can find tons of live streams (not only sports). You can find football, soccer, tennis, golf, college sports and much more. Where it falls shorts is the dependability because you won't find any match or any score. For everything you need to do following:
  1. Obtain sign in code with a valid cable or satellite payed package
  2. Obtain user account for ESPN streaming services
For everything else, there are matches that can be watched without logging or paying any additional subscription  

3. Laola1

  • Website: Laola1
  • Sports covered: soccer, table tennis, motorsports, basketball
  • Laola is an online streaming service from Austria and provides users from all over the world to enjoy free sports streams
Laola1 is one of the biggest European streaming sites in the world and it allows users from all over the world to watch numerous live streams. Even sports fans in USA can watch games from around the world. If you are a soccer/football fan you'll find many events from all around the world that are not region blocked. Laola1 specialty are table tennis and volleyball matches.    

4. Facebook Watch sports streams

  • Website: Facebook Watch
  • Sports covered: soccer, basketball (women's), surfing, some MLB games and range of amateur sports
  • Facebook Watch is good but limited alternative to official sports streams, but users are adding more contents on daily basis
Facebook Watch is Facebook's vision of sports and video streaming service. They even succeeded to obtain rights for many live and official sports events. One of the most important things are MLB matches that are streamed once a week during regular season. All that with only free official Facebook account. To use watch streams via Facebook watch:
  • Navigate to facebook.com/watch
  • Login to your Facebook account or create new account
  • Click "Search videos" from the sidebar on the left
  • Type "Sports" and hit enter
  • Click "See all" on the right
  • Click "Live" under the source section on the left
Most of the streams are provided by users themselves, many professional and amateur teams are broadcasting their training sessions and official matches. If you want to watch a specific games, try to search for them in the same place.